Product Issues

Are Your Shoes Authentic/ real?

We cooperate with internal senior stuffs of Nike, Adidas factories in China for a great deal of private stocks. The shoes are not 100% authentic as the shoes in official channel, but 100% made from original materials the official shoes used. All of our shoes were packed with original boxes and attached brand label.

Why Your Shoes are Cheaper Than Regular Channel?

The good cooperation relationship with internal senior stuffs of Nike and Adidas Factory providing private stocks helped us to sell the shoes in irregular channel, that why we can sell these shoes with competitive price but with the original quality.

How’s the Quality of Your Shoes?

Our shoes were private stocks which were made from 100% original material, the quality is equal to the shoes of official channel. We are 100% confident with providing you the high-quality shoes as the official ones.

Can I Return the Shoes If I Don’t Like Them?

Of course, we offer 30 days return service if you don’t satisfied with the shoes you received. Details please find in Return Issues.

Return Issues